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What Size Shed Do I Need? – How to Know How Big to Go

What Size Shed Do I Need? - How to Know How Big to Go

Roughly 1-in-4 Americans say they have so much stuff in their garage that they can’t even fit their car. If you fall into this category, then you might have considered buying a shed for extra storage.

Sheds provide much-needed storage space for tools, outdoor furniture, storage bins, and more. They’re also a must-have storage solution for families that don’t have a garage.

Have you ever thought about buying a storage shed only to ask yourself, what size shed do I need? There are many different size sheds on the market, and you want to make sure you invest in the right size.

Discover the most common shed sizes and learn how to find the right size for your needs.

The Most Common Shed Dimensions

Sheds come in a variety of sizes from structures no larger than a closet to sheds large enough to store recreational vehicles. 

Small sheds are smaller than 80 sq. ft. in size. People often use them to store tools or gardening supplies. They’re good for small items that you want to keep dry and safe from pests, push mowers, and yard-working supplies.

Medium-sized sheds usually range from 90 to 120 sq. ft. or so in size. The slightly larger size allows you to store bigger equipment like riding mowers, snowblowers, bikes, and large garden tools.

Large sheds can reach up to 288 sq. ft. or larger in size. Large sheds can hold just about any type of equipment, as well as storage bins and even recreational vehicles.

Sheds also come in a variety of different styles and shapes. Larger sheds can even mimic the look of a small house or barn. Some have windows, doors, and even porches while others are no different from a large locker.

Think About How You Plan to Use the Shed

Before you can decide what size you need, think about how you plan to use the shed. While most people use their shed as a storage solution for tools, equipment, or outdoor furniture there are other ways to utilize your shed.

These are some of the most common reasons that people buy sheds: 

Storing Tools

Depending on how many tools you have and how much space they take up, a small to medium-sized storage shed works well for supplies. Small or medium sheds are ideal for bags of soil and fertilizer, gardening hoses, and even cans of gasoline.

Small or large tools and even push mowers should fit in storage sheds 6 x 8 ft. or larger. For riding mowers and bulkier equipment, consider sheds starting around 8 x 10 ft. or so.

You can also store bicycles and outdoor toys inside a large or medium-sized shed. Not only does this make your yard look cleaner but it also keeps them safe for the winter.

Storing Large Equipment

Large equipment such as a riding mower, ATV, motorbike, or snowmobile would fit best in a bigger shed. And yes, you can even park your car or truck in some sheds to keep them safe and out of the elements.

If you plan on parking a truck, SUV, or boat inside, you need to invest in a large shed. The exact size depends on the measurements of your vehicles.

Creating Extra Living Space

A shed can become an extension of your outdoor space. Some people create entire rooms out of their sheds. For instance, have you heard of the “she shed” trend yet?

Sometimes life can get hectic and having an outdoor space to relax in can help you unwind. Depending on where you live, you may be able to use your shed well into the winter months. Some people even heat or cool their outdoor sheds.

Making a Play Area for Kids

Those sheds that look like miniature homes make adorable playhouses for kids. It’s easy to convert larger sheds with doors and windows into an outdoor play area for your children.

When they outgrow the space you can always convert it into something else.

What Size Shed Do I Need? Deciding to Go Bigger or Smaller

After reading this guide and doing your research, you may wind up choosing a size up or down from what you originally thought. There are many reasons for opting for a bigger or smaller shed such as your budget.

If you don’t have the money for a large shed now, you can always start small and work your way up. You also need to consider the size of your yard and plan on where you want to place your shed. If you don’t have the space for a large structure, you may need to size down.

Though in most cases, it benefits people to go up in size. You want to plan for the future and allow yourself extra room for new tools and equipment. After all, you’ll want plenty of space if you get a new grill or upgrade to a riding mower.

It’s also important to plan on having enough room to walk in your shed so you can reach everything.

But before buying a shed, take a look at your local zoning laws. You may need a permit before erecting a shed on your property. If you don’t obtain a permit, your city or town can make you take it down.

Organizing Your Clutter

It helps to take inventory of everything you have before deciding how much room you need.

To do this, start by organizing your shed and going through your possessions. You may even find old, broken, or duplicate tools or items that you can throw out to save space.

Taking the Next Step

Before buying your new shed, ask yourself what size shed do I need right now and will I need a bigger one in the future? Depending on what you plan on storing inside or how you plan on using your shed, you may need a larger size.

But before you set your heart on a new outdoor area or extra space for your snowmobile, make sure it’s allowed where you live. Look for community regulations or consult with your Homeowners Association to see if there are any restrictions.

When you’re ready to buy your new shed, you can rely on us to find your perfect fit. At Sheds Direct, we carry a variety of sheds in every size so take a look and get started today.

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