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Sheds Direct, Inc. offers a wide variety of buildings & options, including Sheds, Barns, Cottages, Dog Kennels, Chicken Coops & Playhouses.

Sheds Direct offers a wide range of buildings to suit every budget and customer need. Whether you’re looking for a small storage shed or a large custom-built workshop, we have options that can meet your requirements.

Presidential Series

Presidential Series

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All-American Series

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A shed is a small, single-story building with an A-frame roof that can be customized and upgraded in various ways, depending on the series. Sheds are typically used for storage, hobbies, or as a workspace.

Benefits of a shed:

Common Uses:


A barn is another type of portable building that features a loft for extra storage space, as well as a barn-style high roof that provides ample headroom.

Benefits of a barn:

Common Uses:


A portable cottage is a small, cozy building typically characterized by a warm and inviting atmosphere, charming design features, and a comfortable and functional space that can be transported to different locations as needed.

Benefits of a cottage:

Common Uses:

Clubhouse or Playhouse

A portable clubhouse or playhouse is a small building designed for recreational use, typically for children or teenagers. They can be customized with various features to create a fun and inviting space for play or relaxation.

Benefits of a clubhouse:

Common Uses:

Dog Kennels & Chicken Coops

A portable dog kennel or chicken coop is a small building designed to house either dogs or chickens, respectively. They feature a simple and functional design, typically with an enclosed area for the animals to live and a fenced-in outdoor area for exercise.

Benefits of a Chicken Coop:

Common Uses:

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