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Where can I get pricing for your buildings?

Sheds Direct is determined to meet the demands of a high-quality storage building at an affordable price. Please contact your local dealer for details on pricing in your area. You may also request a brochure by clicking here.

How should I prepare my lot for delivery of my building?

Proper site preparation is an important part of your investment in a building. It is critical that you have a level site for your building.

Block site preparation has become common to the storage building industry. Years of history has shown that it is a successful way to support a building while keeping it off the ground. Ideally your site should be no more than 8” off of level for the block site prep to be installed by your delivery driver. Basically, what happens is 2” or 4” thick concrete blocks are place on the ground starting on the uphill side of the building, then leveled from there. Blocks are placed approximately every 6’ under every 4×4 runner. Shims and treated wedges are used when needed. The mule (machine similar to a forklift specifically used for storage buildings) will usually be used to set your buildings on block. A 6’ area on each end of the building is needed to maneuver the building.

It is very important that you, as the customer, know where you want the building before it is delivered. For example, marking the 4 corners will give you a good idea of how the building will fit at your location. Keep in mind that the delivery driver will need a clear path for access – 2 ft. wider than your building and 14 ft. high.

How do I make my RTO payment?

Please check the RTO contract for your storage building to see what company your agreement is with. It will be with one of the two companies below:

Scott’s RTO –  You can reach them by phone at (270) 558-4936.

Shed Rentals – You can reach them by phone at (877) 514-6750.

How long will it take for me to get my storage building?

Delivery time varies on your location, time of the year, our workload, and the type of building you are
purchasing. At the time of your order, we will give you an estimated delivery date, but keep in mind this
is + or – 3 business days.

Will my storage shed be fully assembled before it gets to my property?

Yes, your shed will come fully assembled, and the driver will ensure it is stable and level before
completing your delivery.

How many people does it take to deliver my storage building?

Usually, only one driver will deliver your shed. We have a special tool called a Mule, which is like a
forklift but is specially made for storage buildings. The driver will use it to move your shed with ease
from their truck to your preferred location.

Do I need a permit for my shed or garage?

This varies by town and municipality. Please check with your local code office to see what the
requirements are for your area.

Can I finance my storage building?

Definitely! We offer financing on all storage buildings through GreenSky. They have plans that offer a
fixed rate with low payments as well as plans that offer no payments and no interest if the total is paid
within a certain period.

What information do I need to have with me when I come in to purchase my storage building?

Your local Sheds Direct dealer is here for you – either over the phone or in person! Just come with an
idea of the size and style you would like, and they will help you with making the decision of what would
fit your needs and wants. It is also helpful to bring along a photo of the location where your storage
building will be placed. If you have specific requirements such as colors or Home Owners Association
rules, bring that information with you as well.

What is the difference between buying a storage building off your local Sheds Direct dealer’s lot and ordering a new to-build shed?

There is no difference in the price of your storage building. Depending on our current workload, there
may be a difference in delivery time, but not always. We’re happy to deliver your building direct from
your local Sheds Direct dealer or directly from one of our builders.

Is there a warranty on Sheds Direct storage buildings?

Yes, all our buildings get a Limited Lifetime Warranty as a standard. The Warranty is effective as of the
day the building is delivered and set up. For details on the Warranty, please contact your local Sheds
Direct dealer.

Can I use a Cottage to live in?

Our Cottages are not intended to be habitable spaces. You are responsible to confirm compliance with
all applicable building codes before delivery. Also, the Heat and Air units we offer are intended to be
used as supplemental heating and air conditioning only and not as the primary heating or cooling

Is there a charge for delivery?

Delivery is free within 50 miles of the Sheds Direct dealer you place your storage building order with. If
your delivery location is over 50 miles from your dealer’s location, delivery will be an additional charge.
Please contact your local Sheds Direct dealer for more information.

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