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She Shed Ideas – How to Decorate and Use Your Woman Cave

She Shed Ideas - How to Decorate and Use Your Woman Cave

Have you heard about the she shed craze? They’ve been popping up all over the place lately and for good reason. They make for the perfect escape for any woman. You can set up a quiet reading nook, use it to work on your hobbies, do some yoga, make it into a home office, or just get a little privacy. These are only a few she shed ideas that you can go with. There is no limit to the things that you can turn one into.

To help you create your home away from home oasis, check out these great she shed designs. 

1. Artist Shed 

No matter what kind of artist you are, you’ve probably got a ton of supplies that you need a place for. This is where your she shed comes in. You can build it around the art that you practice. 

Throw in a huge easel for painting, or include a few drawers to place your sculpting tools in. If you are a painter, don’t be afraid to leave a wall open to display the fruits of your labor. 

2. Craft Shed

Similar to artists, if you practice any kind of craft, you most likely have a ton of supplies laying around. This can get messy if you keep them scattered about your home which is why you should move things to you she shed. 

Throw in some large work tables so you have plenty of space to work. Make sure that there is a source of light over the tables so you can see what you’re doing. Add in some comfy chairs so you’re comfortable while your working. 

Install a few shelves and drawers that way you have somewhere to put the things that you’re not using.  

3. Reading Shed

Are you at your happiest when you have a book in your hand? Then consider turning your she shed into your own personal reading nook. Put in a few bookshelves to house your collection.   

Add a few speakers so you can listen to podcasts and audiobooks whenever you want and don’t forget about the comfortable seating arrangements. If you host book club meetings then you may want to put a few couches in. Don’t forget about tables for drinks and snacks. 

4. Home Away from Home Shed  

If you’re someone who likes to do a little bit of everything then you should consider a home away from home shed. Essentially, you’ll sort of set it up like an extension of your living room. 

Put in a few comfy places for you to lay down and chill. Don’t forget about the entertainment. Bring in a computer, video games, a TV, and other stuff that you use to unwind. 

5. Yoga Shed 

Depending on how chaotic your home gets, it can be hard to get away from it all to do some yoga. Yoga classes can also be a little expensive. So, you can use your she shed to set up your own little studio right at home. 

Put a few yoga mats down, add in a stereo so you have background noise, and you should get a basket or two with shelves. This way you have somewhere to store your yoga stuff when you aren’t using it. 

6. Winter Escape Shed 

When the weather outside is frightful, you want a place where you can bundle up and stay warm. This especially true if you live in a climate where you get frequent and harsh winter weather. 

Put a hot drink bar in your she shed. You can use hot cocoa, coffee, tea, whatever your winter drink of choice is. Add in comfortable seating arrangements with plenty of blankets. 

If you want, you can combine this winter escape shed idea with the reading nook or home away from home shed. 

7. Privacy Shed 

There comes a time when mommy needs to get an escape. This isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Have your spouse watch the kids for a few hours and head to your privacy shed. 

This is similar to the home away from home shed. It’s a place where you can get a little peace and quiet to relax, get a little work done, or just be by yourself with your thoughts for a bit.

If you’re a writer you’ll welcome the chance to get away so you can do some brainstorming without any disruptions. 

8. Home Office Shed

If you’re a stay at home worker then it’s a good idea to have your own office space. It gives you a place to go so you’ll be more motivated to get up and work and you’ll have a place to put everything. 

Your she shed would be the perfect place to set up your office. Add in a desk, area rug, a couch to sit on when you’re taking a break, your laptop and a couple of wall decorations. It’s the perfect place for you to get things done. 

If you want you can sort of combine this idea with the privacy shed or the art shed depending on what your stay at home job is. 

Great She Shed Ideas For Your Woman Cave 

Do you need a place for you to relax and unwind, somewhere to work, or be by yourself and read for a while? Consider some of the great she shed ideas on this list. They aren’t too hard to set up and whatever work you do put into it is worth it to have a space that’s only for you. 

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