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Fix the Clutter: 9 Awesome Tips for Organizing Storage Buildings

Are you tired of the clutter in your storage buildings? 

Often, storage buildings become a notorious haven for unused items and those that we feel guilty purging. When this happens, these storage sheds become engulfed in clutter and are no longer usable. 

If you’re nodding your head, you’re not alone. In fact, 54 percent of Americans feel overwhelmed with their household clutter and are unsure of how to handle it. 

Storage sheds can be an organized means of storing your clutter. With a little elbow grease and some proper organization tactics, your storage shed can become the perfect home to an organized collection of clutter. 

If you’re less than thrilled with the clutter in your life, you will want to read this. We’re uncovering nine awesome tips on how to organize your storage buildings and ensure that they are well-maintained. You will also want to ensure that you read this if you considering buying a new storage shed

1. Use a Label Maker 

First things first, you will want to start by purchasing a label maker. 

It’s safe to say that this is a small yet mighty machine that will become your new best friend. In a matter of moments, you can look forward to a storage building that is incredibly well-labeled and organized. 

A label maker can produce labels that work for many types of material from plastic and glass to metal and wood. 

2. Invest in Storage bins 

Next, it’s time to invest in several storage bins. 

With this, you will want to divide equally between storage bins that are opaque and storage bins that are transparent. 

The opaque bins are perfect for items that get little traffic throughout the year. This would be anything from seasonal decorations to any items that are sensitive to light. 

The transparent bins are perfect for items that are high traffic and are widely used throughout the year. These are items that you want to be visible on a near-daily basis. 

3. Utilize Tool Hangers 

For anything that is long in length, a tool hanger is a perfect way to store these items. 

This is perfect for things such as rakes, brooms and shovels that would otherwise be stored in a corner. Not only does this look incredibly organized, but it makes the space far more functional and allows for more floor space within the shed. 

The good news?

These tool hangers are relatively easy to DIY. You can even try using leftover PVC piping to create your own tool hanger. 

4. Use Plastic Tubs

Plastic tubs of varying sizes are especially easy to come by. 

In fact, even dollar stores often sell a variety of these plastic tubs. Because they don’t contain a lid, they make it easy to grab-and-go quickly. This is perfect for small tools, cords, cables gloves, jars and gardening equipment. 

To make things easier, be sure to properly label these tubs for easy access. 

5. Add Floating Shelves 

Building floating shelves is a great way to utilize the height of your storage shed. 

These open-ended floating shelves are perfect for items that are used often. They’re also perfect for any items that you’d like to have on display. 

Don’t hesitate to build these floating shelves close to reaching the height of your storage building. For items placed high, you can use a stepping stool to reach these items. Of course, these are items that are not used every day or that should be kept out of reach from children. 

6. Repurpose Bookshelves 

If you have any unused bookshelves laying around, why not put them to use? Fortunately, these bookshelves are perfect for simple storage within your shed. 

The best part?

The bookshelves don’t have to be eye-catching or even remotely attractive. They just need to be functioning and capable of holding a degree of weight. These bookshelves are perfect for storing anything from gardening equipment and tools to jars and canisters. 

7. Add Adjustable Shelving 

Adjustable shelves and hooks are a fantastic use of space within a storage building. 

They allow you to customize the space and adjust according to what type of space is required. With most adjustable shelves, the track allows you to transition the shelf or hook both vertically as well as horizontally. 

8. Hang Exterior Hooks

Whoever said that all of your storage needs have to take place in the interior of your shed? 

In fact, having storage on the exterior of your shed is perfect for certain items that are best kept outdoors. This could be anything from your shovel and your rake to your hose and your gardening equipment. 

Hanging exterior hooks is incredibly simple yet it opens up an entirely new avenue of storage. Not only are these items easily accessible, but having them outside helps to keep the interior clean and tidy. 

9. Store Small Items in Jars 

It’s always a beneficial idea to keep your smallest items organized in a jar. 

This could be anything from nails and screws to other small pieces of hardware. This keeps them perfectly organized and the clear glass allows you to see what’s in the jar. 

Once your jars are labeled and displayed on your bookshelf, you’re all set! 

Storage Buildings 

Did you know that America has more self-storage facilities than McDonald’s restaurants? 

Here in America, it’s clear that we own a lot of stuff. While many choose to invest in self-storage, storage buildings in your backyard are more convenient and more affordable. 

Unfortunately, these backyard storage buildings tend to become pretty cluttered and unorganized. Items that were once stacked neatly are carelessly thrown into corners and the organization that was once apparent is no longer. When this happens, we typically ignore these spaces and avoid entry at all costs. 

But, with a few key tips and tricks, your storage building can actually become a functional space. Or, if you’re considering buying a new storage building, these tips will help prevent this mess from developing in the first place.  

If you’re interested in browsing a collection of storage buildings, be sure to view our selection today! 

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