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The Benefits of Backyard Storage Sheds

storage sheds

Does your lawnmower need its own home? Is it just a bit too big or awkward to fit in your garage along with everything else. Perhaps you should start looking at backyard storage sheds.

Sheds come in all sorts of sizes, configurations, and materials, and they have many possible uses. Among other things, it’s great to have all your lawn and garden tools ready at hand near the areas where you will use them the most.

In this article, we’ll share information about different types of storage sheds, advantages of them, uses for them, and overall advantages to owning one. So keep reading!

Benefits of Storage Sheds

Here is a list of “shed benefits” we came up with:

  • A shed can add room back to your crowded garage and/or basement.
  • A shed protects your tools and outdoor equipment from the elements.
  • A shed is a nice way to accent your yard.
  • A shed can offer some shade on a hot summer day.
  • A shed can serve as a dog house–seasonally or all year-round.
  • A shed can be a great playhouse for children (or grown-ups).
  • A shed can serve as a professional studio or office.
  • A shed, if properly equipped, can serve as a small guesthouse or accessory dwelling unit.
  • Some sheds are portable (portable storage buildings), so you can take yours with you if you move.

We’d bet any shed owners out there can think of a lot more advantages than just these.

Getting a Storage Shed

If you’re interested in buying or building a storage shed for your yard, you will face a dizzying array of choices–so many, in fact, that you might just give up before you even get started with the research you will need to do.

Fortunately, help is available. For example, check out this extremely helpful article, written for The Spruce by David Beaulieu.

Also, building engineer John Coupe maintains a website and blog that is helpful for those seeking reviews of manufactured sheds.

Attributes of Storage Sheds

Shed Sizes

Sheds can range in size from very small, about the size of a bedroom armoire, to the size of a tiny house–which sheds sometimes are. Standard sizes are small (6′ x 6′), medium (8′ x 8′) , and large (10 ‘ x 10’).

Bob Vila offers advice on selecting the right sized shed for both your yard and your needs.

Shed Accessories

There are many shed accessories available to enhance both the look and the functionality of your shed. These include various types of shelving, different sorts of hooks and hangers, and even windows and doors. Even decorative flower boxes!

There also are expansion kits, in case you run out of room in your shed as it is. And you can add a porch as well.

Types of Storage Sheds

Manufactured Sheds

Also known as “preconfigured” sheds, these can be ordered from big-box home stores, delivered, and installed for you. They typically come in wood, resin, or metal. You can also design and price your own shed online.

Custom-Built Sheds

Not happy with any of the existing shed models and don’t want to build one yourself? Consider having the shed of your dreams custom-built for you. There are many businesses throughout North America that will do this for you.

Amish built sheds are one option if you’re interested in a customized shed. Many businesses that specialize in Amish sheds and other outbuildings will work with you to match the siding, color, windows, and other features of your home.

While the Amish, known for their furniture craftsmanship, have adapted some of their strict practices to the 21st century, their work ethic has remained. Furniture and buildings made by the Amish demonstrate meticulous care and attention.

Sheds and Local Authorities

Most municipalities have ordinances governing outbuildings. And these can vary considerably from one place to another–even within the same county. So before you buy a shed, be sure to check with your city, town, or village hall.

How Can I Find Sheds Near Me?

Don’t do a search for just “sheds.” You will be overwhelmed by commercial sites for sheds, outdoor equipment, and furniture businesses all over the continent. Instead, search for “shed” or “sheds” and the name of your town or city.

Adding a type of shed material or style to the search will refine the search even more. A search for “Amish sheds” will turn up these specifically–though note that Amish-built sheds have become pretty widely available.

Your New Shed

Well, we’re assuming you went ahead and bought one of the many available storage sheds. If you did, how is it working out?

Now is the time to start getting it ready for use by adding shelves and hooks to store things, and perhaps painting the exterior if needed. And remember to follow any maintenance instructions you may have received. You want the shed to last!

If you haven’t actually purchased your shed yet, though, now is the time (if the weather is still on the warm side, that is). Go ahead and visit some shed dealer websites or showrooms. See what appeals to you and will meet your needs!

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