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Top 10 Portable Storage Buildings for Sale in 2019

Category: Sheds | October 9, 2019

No matter what type of home you own, or how spacious of a garage you have, everyone runs out of space. Next time you’re looking for storage space for your tools and other valuables have a look at our list. Portable storage buildings are your storage solution once you’ve used up all of your spare space.

Need help choosing the right shed? This article will help you find one that is affordable and compliments your needs. You’ll finally be able to store your tools with ease!

1. Vinyl Standard

What makes the Vinyl Standard so popular with today’s homeowners is its durability. It’s designed to give you a maintenance-free yet elegant storage shed for your outdoor space. It is easily one of the best sheds out there, that caters to your practical uses. 

These portable storage buildings feature sheathing on the walls and roof for added durability. There is exceptional attention to the shed’s details at a decent price. You cannot go wrong with the Vinyl Standard.

Sizes available: 8×12 to 14×60. 

2. Vinyl Deluxe

If you’re looking for portable storage buildings for rent, look no further! Our Vinyl Deluxe offers you a tall wall with an attractive overhand. This is one of Sheds Direct’s best sellers!

It’s one of the more versatile sheds as it caters to a variety of customer demands. It’s a storage unit that is quite easy to assemble when compared to some of its competitors. It’ll enhance your backyard and add storage to your space instantly. 

You can store your bicycle, lawn tractor, golf cart, or other large items even easier. The doors allow for easy access and complete protection from dirt and bugs. This is the perfect unit for any homeowner!

Size available: 10×12 to 14×60.

3. Utility Shed

No more looking for storage after your weekend barbecue get-togethers. This Utility shed is perhaps one of the best units for your backyard. It stores big tools like lawnmowers and grills that are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. 

This budget-friendly shed is as the name suggests. The Utility is made to provide you with practical everyday storage, year after year. It also features 7/16″ sheathing on the walls and roof for extra durability. 

Sizes available: 8×12 to 14×60.

4. Vinyl Barn

When you step into this Vinyl Barn, you will immediately notice the extra storage space in the loft. This extra space is great for storing those items you might only need a couple of times a year. So if you’ve been having trouble coming up with a storage solution for your seasonal items, this is your answer.

These portable storage buildings for sale features 7/16″ sheathing on the walls and roof for extra durability. The barn look is perfect for stylizing your backyard and improving the overall aesthetics. Get the look and still stay maintenance-free with the Vinyl Barn!

Size available: 8×12 to 14×60.

5. The Cottage

The Cottage style shed is the ultimate for comfort and space! The Cottage is created to be your backyard pool house, craft area, man-cave, office, or even great for lake getaways. You can design your Cottage to meet your needs. 

This small cottage storage shed is perfect for storing away your gardening tools. Wood splitters and chipper shredders are the most difficult to store during the monsoon — especially when you have a packed garage. Clean out that garage or an extra bedroom that you use for hobbies and bring home your Cottage today!

Sizes available: 10×12 to 14×48.

6. Lofted Barn

The Lofted Barn is a traditional multipurpose storage barn that works great for any home’s outdoor space. Headroom won’t be an issue with the lofted ceiling which makes this an optimal shed for your backyard. The sleek and cool Lofted Barn is perfect for a poolside storage unit to store all of your pool products as well.

The Lofted Barn has 7/16″ sheathing on the walls and roof for more durability. It gives a sleek and sophisticated look that allows it to blend in with any background. You can customize it by adding an extra shelf to maximize the storage capacity and make it even more versatile. 

Size available: 8×12 to 14×60.

7. Smart Barn

All the features and benefits of the Lofted Barn but with extra bells and whistles. Similar to the Lofted Barn, these portable storage buildings work great for any home’s backyard. But it also has a Smartside Exterior for more durability and longevity.

This is the shed for those looking for the best storage with enough room and ventilation. You could make it an extra living space like a game room, art studio or whatever suits you best. And moreover, you can give it a personal touch with a wooden or concrete foundation.

Sizes available: 8×12 to 14×60.

8. Smart Shed

All of the everyday practicality of the Utility shed and more! The Smartside exterior adds durability, longevity, and even more personalization for your storage needs. The Smart Shed has 7/16″ sheathing on the walls and roof for additional strength. 

Sizes available: 8×12 to 14×60.

9. Painted Smart Barn

Here are more portable storage units for sale with everyday practicality just like The Utility shed. It also features the same Smartside exterior as The Utility for the same durability and longevity. The Smart Shed has the 7/16″ sheathing on the walls and roof but with a variety of exterior colors to choose from!

Sizes available: 8×12 to 14×60.

10. Painted Smart Shed

Smartside exterior doesn’t result in having a treated wood finish. With the Painted Smart Shed you can bring color to your backyard with a ride range of paint and trim color options. This is perfect for the artist looking for additional space or the gardener looking for aesthetic balance in their backyard.

Sizes available: 8×12 to 14×60. 

Find The Best Portable Storage Buildings Today

The portable storage buildings market has many amazing sheds that flaunt unique features and cater to a variety of customer demands. Lucky for you, this top 10 list can narrow things down for you. If you’re ready to solve all of your storage problems, take a look at our inventory today!


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