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5 Creative Kids’ Clubhouse Ideas for Family Time

kids clubhouse

Children use their imagination to transform their play area into a world of wonder when they play. For example, they can use couch cushions and blankets to make a fort or rocketship. Building a shed clubhouse is the perfect way to create a safe space for your children to play. 

Before building a kid’s clubhouse, consider these ideas and tips to make it a special place for their imagination to roam. 

1. Let Your Kids Manage the Painting

It’s best to apply weather-proofing paint on your child’s clubhouse to shield it from the sun’s harsh rays and weather damage. Still, you don’t have to mimic your home’s perfect exterior paint job on the clubhouse. Instead, present your little one with color swatches of high-quality exterior paint and let them choose their clubhouse’s color scheme. 

A creative painting job will help your children embrace and take ownership of their new clubhouse. It’ll be a fun activity for everyone, and they will be proud of their painting skills. 

2. Install Lights

Many parents use twinkle lights for theme tents indoors, but you can use that same idea for a standalone kid’s clubhouse. Your children may want to use the playhouse on overcast days or in the evenings, so lighting will be necessary for their safety and fun. You could install electricity, switches, and lamps inside the clubhouse or use battery-operated twinkle or LED lights. 

3. Incorporate Storage Solutions

Shed organization is a must, even for a kid’s clubhouse. Your children will likely bring toys, books, and other items to their playhouse, so they’ll need a place to keep everything organized and safe.

Installing shelves or cubbies is an excellent idea, especially if you have multiple children who will use the clubhouse. You can create a space for everyone to place their things when they’re not playing inside the clubhouse.

4. Choose the Right Furniture

Every playhouse needs furniture so youngsters can sit and play. Multi-purpose furniture is the best way to give your child everything they need without taking up too much space.

You can get a modular foam couch that converts into seating, tents, sleeping pads, and more. Other options are tables that become artwork easels, bean bags, and multi-use table and chair sets.

5. Make Use of Outdoor Space

You can get creative with outdoor space for your children’s playhouse customization. Consider and incorporate your children’s interests and hobbies into their clubhouse’s exterior. For example, you can install planters around the entryway if your child loves flowers or ladders and monkey bars for climbers.

Get Your Children a Versatile Clubhouse Today

Look no further than Sheds Direct when planning your kid’s clubhouse. As a family-owned shed manufacturer in Granite Falls, NC, our talented craftsmen hand-build various small buildings like sheds, playhouses, and cottages that we customize according to our customers’ preferences and needs. Whether you like the idea of matching your playhouse to your house or creating a unique structure, we’re the team to call.

Reach out to Sheds Direct today at (866) 979-5660 to learn more about our products.

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