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How To Move a Shed in Your Yard

how to move a shed in your yard

Have you ever looked at your shed and thought it would be better elsewhere in your yard? Whether it’s to make space, improve aesthetics, or just a practical relocation, moving a shed is a considerable task.

In this guide, Sheds Direct, Inc. will explain how to move a shed in your yard. If you’re looking for storage sheds in Youngsville, NC, give us a call!

What To Do Before Shifting a Shed’s Location in the Yard

Before you start relocating a shed in the yard, there are several key steps to ensure the move goes smoothly:

  • Empty the Shed: Clear out all items from your shed to reduce weight and prevent damage.

  • Check the Foundation: Remove any fasteners or hardware that secures the shed to its current foundation.

  • Assess the Structure: Ensure your shed is structurally sound to withstand the move. If it’s not, you might need to consider disassembling and reassembling it at the new location.

Different Methods for Moving a Shed in the Yard

Moving a shed on your property can be accomplished in several ways, depending on the size of the shed and the terrain of your yard.

Put It on a Trailer

For larger sheds or longer moves, using a trailer is the most efficient method. Make sure the shed is well-secured on the trailer to avoid any shifts during transport, and always check local regulations regarding moving large loads.

Ensure that the load is balanced on the trailer, as an uneven load can cause issues during transport. Additionally, secure the shed with sturdy straps or chains, and if possible, have a spotter assist during the moving process to manage any unexpected situations.

Use a Conveyor System

A practical method for transferring a shed within your yard across shorter distances is to use a conveyor system setup. This involves placing large pipes or planks under the shed and rolling it to its new location, similar to modern architecture techniques that use modular components for easy reassembly.

When learning how to move a shed in your yard with a conveyor system, move each roller from the back to the front for smooth operation.

Move It With a Tractor

If you have access to a tractor and the move doesn’t involve public roads, this can be a quick way to transfer a shed within your yard. Attach the shed securely to the tractor using proper towing equipment and maintain a slow, steady speed to prevent any jarring or tipping. It’s also important to plan your route in advance, removing any potential obstacles that could impede the move or damage the shed.

Find Your Perfect Shed With Sheds Direct, Inc.

When it comes to yard shed relocation techniques, preparation is your best friend. At Sheds Direct, Inc., we understand the nuances of how to move a shed in your yard. If you’re considering adding plumbing to a shed, or if you need a sturdy new home for your storage needs, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Do you need help finding the perfect shed for your yard in Youngsville, NC? Call Sheds Direct, Inc. today at (866) 979-5660. Learn more now.

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