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Amish Built Dog Kennels

Have you been looking into purchasing a dog kennel? Perhaps an Amish built one? We can certainly help! These shelters are made using LP SmartSiding and can be color-matched to your home.

The layout of our Amish built dog kennels is unique due to them having a secure inside space and a slightly more open mesh-enclosed space. There are human-sized access doors available to both of these spaces, as well as a doggy door separating them. Your dog gets to have the choice of being inside or outside.

Our dog kennels are also great to use as dog houses. Leave the doors open to give your pups the option of playing in the yard or sleeping in their home! This is a great option for the dog who enjoys being outside. An optional shelter is always needed to protect from the sun and weather when your dog is outside. This is also a great place to keep your pet’s outside water bowl to keep leaves and debris out of it.

Our dog kennels are available in painted or stained options and have the choice of a metal or shingle roof. Keep your best friend safe from the elements. Our team of dedicated building specialists is ready to help you find your perfect pet shelter. Fill out the form below to have us contact you today.

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