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  • What should I know about set up of my building?

    It is very important that you have a level site for your building.  The buildings are designed to rest on their runners.  However, to ensure that the building is perfectly level, please talk with your dealer about adding a block package.  Please click here for Important Information about Delivery.
  • When will I get my building?

    At the time of inquiry, your dealer will give you an estimated delivery date.  Please note that delivery times may vary based on customization, seasonal demand and weather conditions.  You will be contacted by our friendly scheduling staff to set up a specific delivery time for your building.
  • Where can I get pricing for your buildings?

    Sheds Direct is determined to meet the demands of a high quality storage building at an affordable price.  Contact your local dealer for details on pricing in your area.  You may also request a brochure by clicking here.
  • How to make your RTO Payment?

    Just check your contract for the company you have your rental agreement with, and follow the steps below. If you don't have a copy of your contract or if you need additional information, please call our corporate office at 828-212-1378 or 330-754-2003 and ask to speak to someone in Sales Support. We will be happy to direct you to the correct rental company. Your rental agreement will be with one of the two companies below:

    Scott’s RTO

    Shed Rentals

    If at any time you have questions regarding your contract, please feel free to call our corporate office at 828-212-1378/330-754-2003.