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How to Have Pumpkins Next Fall


Do you wish you could grow your own pumpkins every year? We have tips to help you get ready for next fall! Follow these tricks and we guarantee pumpkins next fall.

The first trick to growing pumpkins successfully is to know when to plant. Late May to early July is the ideal time to plant your pumpkin patch. Too early will result in much too mushy pumpkins, too late will only yield underdeveloped squash. It’s important to consistently weed your pumpkin patch throughout the year and irrigate them if the summer is hot and dry.

A common problem faced by many gardeners when growing pumpkins is insects. Pests can be detrimental to the health of your crops, so it is important to treat with pesticides. However, when you do treat them, be sure you do it in the evening. Pumpkins require bees to pollinate them and pesticides could kill them, so it’s better to do it when the bees will be asleep and the pesticides will have dried down by the time they wake.

When you go to harvest your pumpkins next fall, it’s important to do so before the first frost. Pumpkin vines tend to not survive extreme colds, so it’s important to not subject them to harsh winter weather. When harvesting pumpkins, be sure to use a knife to cut the stem and to leave some on. Pumpkins without stems don’t tend to survive long. If you have to harvest early before Halloween or Thanksgiving, store your pumpkins in a warm, dry place such as one of our storage sheds.

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